How to stop plastic getting into the sea

Five simple actions to stop two thirds of plastic waste ever entering the sea
How to stop plastic getting into the sea
Plastics have brought huge benefits to our society. But with those benefits come environmental problems.

Too often, plastic ends up as waste, as marine litter polluting the oceans, or as litter on our beaches. Keeping it from getting into the ocean is the most effective means of protecting the sea and people.

We propose that plastic marine litter from the UK could be reduced by nearly two thirds with five simple actions.

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Press release: 4 August 2017

Negotiating Brexit

Positive outcomes for the UK on energy and climate
Negotiating Brexit
With Brexit, the UK’s future relationship with the EU on energy and climate policy is unclear. But businesses are calling for clarity while they put investment decisions on hold.

High levels of co-operation on energy and climate between the UK and EU will still be the best way to decarbonise rapidly at low cost.

We identify what a good Brexit would look like for energy and climate, and propose that the UK should seek to negotiate a ‘Paris co-operation track’ with the EU to maximise the mutual benefits of continued co-operation.

Negotiating Brexit: positive outcomes for the UK on energy and climate

Summer reception 2017

"We have an opportunity to be global leaders in the fight against climate change."
Summer reception 2017
At Green Alliance's summer reception on Thursday 13 July, the new Secretary of State for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs, the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP spoke about his love for the environment and the opportunities to strengthen and enhance environmental protection.

"We have a chance to make this chapter one of global significance, one that people can look back on and say that our generation lived up to that challenge, and passed onto the next generation a planet that was greener, cleaner, better, richer."

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Greener UK

Greener UK is assessing Brexit's environmental impact
Greener UK
Greener UK is a coalition of 13 major environmental organisations, united in the belief that leaving the EU is a pivotal moment to restore and enhance the UK's environment.

On the anniversary of the referendum, the coalition published its first assessment of the environmental impact of Brexit under its comprehensive Risk Tracker. The Brexit Risk Tracker shows which policy areas are more secure, and which are most at risk.

Greener UK's manifesto sets out eight necessary actions to make the vision of a greener UK a reality.

Greening the city regions

Opportunities for new metro mayors
Greening the city regions
Six city regions elected new metro mayors in May 2017. This new tier of power offers a unique opportunity for green leadership, to create a vision for a sustainable future and to tackle some of the most pressing environmental challenges in the city regions.
This report by Campaign for Better Transport, CPRE, Green Alliance, National Trust and The Wildlife Trusts sets out actions that new leaders can take to make their city regions greener, cleaner and more liveable.

Greening the city regions: opportunities for new metro mayors

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