Paris 2015

Getting a global agreement on climate change

Paris 2015
In December 2015, 196 countries will meet to sign a new climate change agreement. But will it be meaningful and make a difference to climate change action?

With Christian Aid, Greenpeace, RSPB and WWF, we have set out what has to be agreed this time round, what has changed since the first Rio summit in 1992 and why a global agreement is needed.

Paris 2015: getting a global agreement on climate change

News release 8 September 2014: 'Why a global agreement on climate change is about to happen and what it needs to do'

Our challenge to politicians...

Seven priorities for the next election

Our challenge to politicians...
We’ve worked closely with the UK’s leading environmental groups, including the National Trust, WWF, RSPB, Greenpeace, The Wildlife Trusts and Friends of the Earth, to outline goals to tackle the country’s biggest environmental challenges.  

Our new report asks political parties to commit to a greener Britain by 2020 by pledging seven major priorities at the next election. It calls for new Marine Protected Areas; a 25 year plan for nature recovery; a major new approach to household energy savings; and a new deal giving more power to local communities.

Press release 1 September 2014: ‘Leading environmental groups challenge politicians to build a greener Britain’

After the floods

Six priorities for climate adaptation

After the floods
Following the exceptional weather last winter, we set out, under our Climate Leadership Programme, to find out more about the challenges and possibilities for improving climate adaptation and resilience locally in the UK.

Through workshops with MPs, their constituents, local experts and national agencies in three areas, our latest policy insight draws conclusions from the workshop discussions to set six priorities for effective action.

Priorities include better co-ordination between agencies, a focus on local economic impacts and putting more emphasis on the role of climate adaptation.


Upcoming events

Expert debates on sustainability in business and seminars on economics and green policy

Upcoming events
Catalyst debates 2014
Companies are scaling back their ambition on sustainability. You can watch extracts from the short series of debates we held in partnership with Nestlé to explore this issue, focused on renewed business progress on the environment. They covered consumer interest, food supply and Generation Y's relationship with business.

Economics and green policy seminars
Led by Green Alliance’s chief economist Julian Morgan, in conversation with leading economists, these seminars are designed to explore and explain the orthodoxies underpinning green policy and the arguments used to support or challenge them. 

For more information, contact our events co-ordinator, Elena Perez.

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