UK's climate leadership threatened by Brexit

Eleven senior climate advocates voice their concern
UK's climate leadership threatened by Brexit
In a letter to The Guardian, convened by Green Alliance, eleven senior climate advocates from many political traditions and sectors, including Lord Turner, Sir Crispin Tickell and Lord Deben, have voiced their concern that the country’s standing as an international climate leader would recede within months of Britain leaving the EU. 

They say "Brexit would damage our national interest by reducing our diplomatic leverage. Never again would a British official be able to play such a pivotal role in climate negotiations. Never again would we be in a position to persuade 27 other European nations to follow our lead."

More information and resources about the EU referendum.


The environmental case for staying in the EU

The environmental case for staying in the EU
With the EU referendum fast approaching, our journal Inside Track focuses on the environmental case for staying in the EU. We hear a range of perspectives from those who have seen EU environmental policy from the inside, and those who have observed the changes to the UK's environment on the outside.

We also update you on Green Alliance's latest projects, including how we are changing the debate around renewables and our initiative with eight other environmental organisations to set out actions for the next mayor of London. 

Contributors include Lord Deben, Stanley Johnson and Professor Andrew Jordan of the Tyndall Centre.

Read the latest edition of Inside Track                            #greenerin

Renewable energy locator

How does your area compare on renewables in England and Wales?
Renewable energy locator
We’ve created a Renewable Energy Locator which makes it possible to see how renewables are doing in different areas of England and Wales, compared by region, county and local authority, searching by name or postcode.

Using data commissioned from Regen SW, it includes information from nearly 700,000 individual projects, accurate to the end of March 2015.

Find out how your area compares on renewables and share the results on social media.

Renewables investment

How to build on UK strengths in renewable energy
Renewables investment
Renewables are a UK success story: they're an important source of private investment and jobs, they have a proven track record of delivery and are persistently popular with the public. Their costs have also fallen significantly. 

We are close to the point where renewables will be able to out-compete their polluting rivals, but unclear signals from the government are holding back necessary investment.

Our infographic and report show why and how new investment is needed in renewable technologies to reduce the risk of a capacity shortfall and to make it possible to meet the UK's carbon budgets.



Will the next mayor make London a greener city?

UK's top environmental groups lay down challenge to future leader
Will the next mayor make London a greener city?
In May 2016, London votes for its next mayor. Whoever wins has a unique opportunity to make their mark and take big steps on the journey to making the capital a greener, fairer and better place to live and work.

In Greener London, a coalition of the UK's leading environmental groups set out the big ideas and practical means which would help the next mayor achieve this by the end of their first term in 2020.

This report sets out challenges that were posed to four of the mayoral candidates at our Greener London Hustings on Friday 4 March.

You can see the highlights from the event on Storify.


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