The case for low carbon infrastructure in Scotland

The case for low carbon infrastructure in Scotland
Our latest report, for Scotland’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Task Force, shows the opportunities for Scotland to increase investment in low carbon infrastructure, and the climate change, economic progress and social welfare benefits it would gain.

Scotland's way ahead: the case for low carbon infrastructure in Scotland

Herald Scotland: 'Searching out the low-carbon projects that will shape our future economy'


The social and economic benefits of a circular economy

EU policy key to cutting unemployment and household bills
The social and economic benefits of a circular economy
If the EU raises its game in its forthcoming circular economy policy package there will be significant benefits for European citizens, including new jobs and lower household costs.

Our new infographic demonstrates the need for higher product design standards and producer responsibility requirements that encourage reuse and more demand for recycled materials.

See the infographic 

News release: 19 August 2015

Letter to the Prime Minister

We've called on David Cameron to intervene in loss of green policies
Letter to the Prime Minister
Within the first three months of the new government ten different environmental policies have been watered down or scrapped, according to our analysis with a group of nine other leading UK environment organisations.

In a letter to the Prime Minister from Green Alliance and nine other groups, we have called on him, as a matter of urgency, to clarify his government’s approach to environmental protection and climate security in what is a vital year for action on climate change.

Press release 31 July 2015


The Great Acceleration

What should the UK do to protect natural systems?
The Great Acceleration
In the latest issue of our journal Inside Track we explore what the Great Acceleration - the huge increase in the environmental impact of human activity since 1950 - means for the UK. We hear from contributors what the political, public and business responses should be and introduce Green Alliance's new Natural Environment theme.

Contributors include Professor Will Steffen of the Stockholm Resilience Centre; Dame Helen Ghosh of the National Trust; Professor Dieter Helm; Martin Nesbit of IEEP; and Dame Fiona Kendrick of Nestlé.

Read the latest edition of Inside Track

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