Circular Economy Task Force

Developing policy solutions for a circular economy
Circular Economy Task Force
The Circular Economy Task Force is a government endorsed, business led group convened by Green Alliance. The Task Force's first report, Resource resilient UK, identified the barriers to business becoming more resilient, profitable and sustainable through better resource productivity, helping the UK to increase its resource security. Its second report, Wasted opportunities, shows how addressing the UK’s broken recycling system can foster higher value reprocessing, and begin to encourage more valuable remanufacturing and redesign. Its third report, UK resource governance for the 21st centuryhighlights the risks the UK's poor performance in improving resource security and productivity poses to businesses, and analyses potential solutions.

The Task Force is continuing to research the policy solutions that would enable businesses to make the necessary changes for a more circular economy, optimising the UK's resource use. Some of the recommendations of the Task Force were picked up by the UK’s Environmental Audit Committee’s Growing a circular economy report, and by the Scottish Government’s Resource Use and the Circular Economy inquiry.

Part of the work of the task force is our research into novel materials, which is exploring the ways to improve the reusability and recoverability of novel materials, such as carbon fibre, metal matrix composites, and new plastics.

The task force has also established the North Sea Resource Roundabout project, working with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UK to identify the regulatory barriers to the trade and use of recycled materials across European countries, and working with regulators to develop solutions.

The members of the task force are: Kingfisher, Kyocera Document Solutions, the Resource Association, Sinvestec, Unilever, Viridor, WRAP and Walgreens Boots Alliance.

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