Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions

Delivering strong and supportive European circular economy policy
Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions
The Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions (ACES) was a progressive new collaboration of businesses and think tanks committed to ambitious circular economy policy in Europe. It combined business voices with economic and social analysis on the impact of the circular economy. ACES was led by an influential group of British, Belgian, Dutch and German organisations and is worked to secure a European circular economy package that generates new jobs and revenues whilst driving product innovation, secondary raw material use and new business models. Read the promotional leaflet.

To mark the launch of this collaboration, ACES member Green Alliance published an initial analysis, Unemployment and the circular economy, which shows how the development of the circular economy in Europe could impact the jobs market in Italy, Poland and Germany.

On 11 October 2016, ACES and other European NGOs sent a letter to European environment ministers, calling for binding recycling targets (UK version) (European version)

In November 2016 ACES member Green Alliance published Better products by design, proposing new product standards for repairability and durability as solutions to premature obsolescence. The study was launched at the event 'Ecodesign, the EU, and Brexit'.

In January 2017, the European Commission published its first review of its progress in implementing the Circular Economy Action Plan. ACES published a report card, evaluating how well the EU is doing in key sectors on a transition to a circular economy.

Green Alliance wrote How will Europe’s ecodesign measures affect the circular economy in low-income countries? for Tearfund, published in July 2017, which examines how European product design standards could be used to enhance the livelihoods of those engaged in repair and recycling in poor nations.

More information about ACES can be found here

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