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London mayor environment hustings

Hustings audience pictureHow green is London's future?  

On 14 February Green Alliance held the first public hustings event with the four principal candidates for London mayor:

Siân Berry, Green Party
Boris Johnson, Conservative Party
Ken Livingstone, Labour Party
Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrats

Boris Johnson hustings imageThe event, How Green is London’s Future?, was chaired by Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow and provided an opportunity for the candidates to outline their vision and plans for shaping London’s environment and building on the capital’s reputation as a leader in combating climate change. The invited audience were made up of national and local politicians and officials, business leaders and representatives from NGOs.

Stephen Hale, director of Green Alliance, said:

Brian Paddick hustings image“Every candidate in today's hustings did their utmost to persuade a packed hall of their commitment to the environment. But to give eight million Londoners a clear green choice every candidate must now make their green commitments in their manifestos. The next mayor of London will be among the most powerful green politicians in Britain. The mayoral election should be Britain's first climate change election."

Ken Livingstone hustings imageClick on the links below to see video footage of each of the candidates' speeches and to debate further at

Sian Berry, Green Party
Boris Johnson, Conservative Party
Ken Livingstone, Labour Party
Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrats 

Use the following links to listen to the audio of the speeches and the debates that followed them (to download right click on link and 'save target as'):

Sian Berry hustings imageSian Berry, Green Party (mp3, 4.5mb)
Boris Johnson, Conservative Party (mp3, 6mb)
Ken Livingstone, Labour Party (mp3, 6mb)
Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrats (mp3, 5.5mb)


Climate change (mp3, 13mb) 
Transport (mp3, 17mb)
Local environment (mp3, 15mb)
General questions and close (mp3, 21mb)


Green Alliance would like to thank Groundwork for their support of this event.