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Climate Leadership Programme for MPs

We have run our Climate Leadership Programme since 2009, working with over 50 MPs from the three main parties to develop their understanding of climate change and what it means for their role at the constituency and national level, and help them lead a proactive and ambitious climate change agenda in Parliament.


The programme aims to:
• Allow politicians to strengthen their understanding of the science, policy and politics of climate change;
• Help each party to develop a committed new cohort of MPs who will lead the way;
• Enable politicians to develop strong networks with thought leaders, practitioners and influential institutions who can help them make a real difference on this crucial agenda.


Following a pilot phase with prospective parliamentary candidates before the May 2010 election, the programme has since featured:
• Short intensive workshop sessions for small groups of new MPs from each party, on the science, policy and politics of climate change;
• Formal events such as cross-party private dinners with expert speakers;
• A briefing paper on the science of climate change, produced jointly with the Grantham Institute;
In depth working with small groups of MPs on policy areas that link MPs’ national and constituency work, including the Green Deal and localism; and
• Tailored support and informal advice on request.

Constituency voices

‘Constituency voices’ is the newest iteration of the programme, which started in January 2013. Over two years, we are working with up to 12 MPs in small cross-party groups, running constituency focused projects on specific issues to deepen their engagement with low carbon initiatives and policy, and help them become strong advocates of ambitious climate action at the constituency and national level.

Our first project focused on the potential for green city deals. Working with Chris White MP, Alex Cunningham MP and Robert Buckland MP we ran three constituency workshops, and brought together the findings in a policy insight, Constituency voices: greening city deals. The second project focused on community energy, working with Paul Blomfield MP, Tessa Munt MP and Mike Crockart MP to run constituency workshops and feed in the key findings to the government's community energy strategy. The report, Constituency voices: realising the potential of community energy, was published in August. Our next project will commence in the autumn.

We would like to thank the Pure Climate Foundation and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for supporting this phase of the programme.

We would also like to thank the Pure Climate Foundation for their support in 2011/12, and the Tellus Mater Foundation for their support in 2009-2011.


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Contacts and related links

For more information contact:

Elena Perez, policy team assistant

Climate Leadership Programme, In depth work with MPs on key policy areas, Autumn 2011 to Spring 2012
Climate Leadership Programme leadership sessions, formal events and briefings for new MPs, November 2010 to March 2012
Climate Leadership Programme pilot phase, November 2009 to March 2010

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