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Climate Leadeship Programme pilot phase
November 2009 to March 2010


During the pilot phase of the Climate Leadership Programme we ran separate events for prospective parliamentary candidates from each of the main political parties between November 2009 and March 2010, tailored to the interests and needs of participants and the parties.

Facilitated by Green Alliance and Ashridge Business School, candidates explored the implications of climate change for their work as a prospective MP, with expert input from leading scientists, business representatives and climate change specialists.

The first session of each event focused on the science of climate change, including impacts already being seen, predictions for the short and longer term, and time horizons for action. The second session looked at the politics of climate change, and emerging policy and regulatory responses at UK and global level. In the third session for Labour and Conservative candidates, participants examined how businesses, communities and other actors are responding to climate change, economic opportunities for the UK, and how policymakers can support these initiatives.

Participants were joined by a relevant frontbencher for dinner following the sessions: Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP for the Labour session, Rt Hon Greg Clark MP for the Conservatives session, and Simon Hughes MP for the Liberal Democrats session. Participants reflected on the earlier sessions and there was lively debate around implications for their party’s policy and political strategy.

Feedback we received from participants included:

“I’m doing a radio interview next week and I asked for climate change to be on the agenda. Previously I would not have been confident enough to have the debate” – Labour PPC
“Post-election this is something that we will really have to seize on and take a lot of policy actions to have an impact” – Conservative PPC
“I enjoyed it – it was friendly and pleasant, very informative” – Labour PPC
“[The policy and politics session] really made me think about how to create policies which are more carrot than stick – more likely to appeal to voters” – Conservative PPC
“Climate change does often come up – but normally not in a good way. Now I can counter sceptics with confidence” – Liberal Democrat PPC
“This is now higher up my agenda” – Liberal Democrat PPC

Contacts and related links

For more information contact:

Hannah Kyrke-Smith
policy adviser
020 7630 4520

Green Alliance would like to thank the Tellus Mater Foundation for their support of this work.


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