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The future of gas power

The future of gas power: critical market and technology issues

Natural gas currently plays an important role in Britain’s power sector, and provided over a third of our power in 2011. However, current media and political discourse on the future role of gas power has become unhelpfully polarised and there needs to be greater agreement and clarity on this important issue. Ahead of the government’s eagerly awaited gas generation strategy, Green Alliance has been exploring views of the future role of gas power.

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The future of gas power workshop, October 2012

Main workshop conclusions
Full workshop summary 

Avoiding gas lock-in

The first dash for gas, following liberalisation of the UK electricity market in 1990, was clearly in the UK’s national interest, because it significantly reduced carbon emissions and electricity prices. A second dash for gas would not be in the UK’s long term interest as it will raise the cost of meeting the nation’s carbon budgets.

You can read online below or download it here



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