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News release 29 November 2012

Responses to Energy Bill announcements

Responding to the publication of the Energy Bill, Matthew Spencer, Green Alliance director, said:

“This is a timely and vital bill to ensure we get a secure, low carbon energy system. Unfortunately this good bill is let down by two deficiencies. First, it doesn’t create a market for energy saving to reduce the cost of new energy production. Second, by failing to establish a decarbonisation target it risks losing thousands of jobs on offer in wind turbine manufacturing because investors don’t have certainty about the direction of UK energy policy. We hope these issues will be addressed in amendments to the bill.”

Responding to the publication of a consultation on electricity demand reduction, Matthew Spencer, Green Alliance director, said:

“It is disappointing that we have to wait for another consultation before government decides whether to help people use less electricity. The work has already been done into how this should work. Government should be using this week’s Energy Bill to create a market for electricity saving, which would avoid the building of as many costly power stations and put money back into people’s pockets.”


Notes to editors

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