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Greening towers - can high rise living be sustainable?

Tuesday 4 December,greenall200x150
Prince Philip House.


Chris Williamson MP, shadow minister for communities and local government, MP for Derby North 
Professor Anne Power, professor of social policy and head of LSE housing and communities
Dave Allport, programme manager, Birmingham Energy Savers
Toby Gale, Westbourne neighbourhood manager, Paddington Development Trust

chaired by: Edward Hobson, deputy director, Green Alliance

Existing high rise housing has the potential to be more resource efficient supporting better connected and more cohesive communities, and helping cities transform their environmental performance. But are existing policies designed to enable this?
This event marked the launch of a Green Alliance report that examines how sustainable living in high rise housing can be realised. It makes recommendations for what the various actors, from governments and landlords to residents themselves, can do to make these policies work for high rise housing. We also launched our high rise green living toolkit, which focuses on what individuals and residents groups can do to improve their homes and local environment.

News release, 28 November 2012

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