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More jobs, less carbon: Why we need landfill bans

Banning landfill and providing better collection systems and reprocessing infrastructure would have huge benefits for the UK. 

Our latest infographic shows how keeping five key waste materials out of landfill and recycling, remanufacturing and reusing the resources instead would support 47,500 new, skilled jobs, save £3.8 billion and cut CO2 emissions equivalent to the annual emissions from 2.7 million homes. 

Great resource shock

The great resource price shock

Our analysis shows that food and energy prices have risen faster than other prices in the past ten years. If they'd kept pace with other prices, the average household could have saved over £1,000 on its food and household energy bills in 2012. The only reliable way to protect the UK economy against future resource price shocks is by better management of resources. 

See our infographic and the presentation on YouTube by our chief economist.


The benefits of an EU2030 renewable energy target

Europe's leaders are negotiating the EU's 2030 climate and energy targets which will have an important impact on the UK's future energy system.

Our briefing, produced with Christian Aid, Greenpeace, RSPB and WWF, shows that government opposition to an EU2030 renewable energy is unfounded.

The implications of a European 2030 renewable energy target for the UK, January 2014

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Inside Track_33

Resource resilient UK

The latest edition of our journal Inside Track focuses on the concept of the circular economy, with expert commentary from business and other stakeholders.The features look at how it can be made to work in practice and its resource security and business benefits. Dan Rogerson MP describes how Defra is acting to support the shift to a more circular economy in the UK.

Inside Track 33: Resource resilient UK 


Seven steps to reducing energy bills

Poor home energy efficiency is a major cause of the cost of living crisis, but politicians are failing to act. Our report outlines the steps government should take to reduce energy bills. In response, seven leading consumer, industry and green groups have called for a  national energy efficiency programme.

Seven steps to reducing energy bills
News release 28 November 2013 


Green conservatism: protecting the environment through open markets

In the final of the three collections published under our Green Roots programme, conservative thinkers and independent experts set out their perspectives on how the market can deliver solutions to resource and environmental challenges.

Green conservatism: protecting the environment through open markets

News release 27 September 2013