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Inside Track

Inside Track is the occasional journal of Green Alliance. It provides a platform for views on environmental politics, with updates and news on Green Alliance’s work.

Issue 33 Winter 2013
Resource resilient UK

This edition of Inside Track focuses on the concept of the circular economy, it's importance to resource security and the advantages for business and the wider economy.

Jonny Hazell describes the challenges the Circular Economy Task Force (CETF) is addressing and the lessons from its first year.
Fraser Thompson of McKinsey Global Institute, asks if we can act fast enough to improve resource productivity
Dr Doroteya Vladimirova of the Institute of Manufacturing outlines the substantial value creation opportunities for business
Dan Rogerson MP describes the economic and business opportunities Defra sees in supporting a circular economy
Adrian Cole and Simon Drury of sustainability consultancy Ricardo-AEA report on their work developing closed loop systems with companies
Three CETF members: Unilever, Interface and WRAP also write about their experiences in tackling resource issues


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