Scotland's way ahead

The case for low carbon infrastructure in Scotland
Scotland's way ahead
Our report, for Scotland’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Task Force, shows the opportunities for Scotland to seize the opportunity now to increase its investment in low carbon infrastructure, and the benefits it would gain in terms of climate change, economic progress and social welfare.
It lists six key criteria for the assessment of new infrastructure:

1. Additionality: adds to existing efforts, rather than replacing them
2. Prosperity: contributes to the prosperity of Scotland’s people and businesses
3. Carbon: causes net reduction of consumption-based carbon emissions
4. Co-benefits: has social benefits, not only economic and environmental benefits
5. Environment: furthers environmental goals other than carbon abatement
6. Behaviours: enables low carbon behaviours for all
We conclude that achieving the low carbon transition will not just need additional funding for low carbon infrastructure. It requires a comprehensive shift that embeds low carbon objectives in all infrastructure projects.

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