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NGO Engagement


NGO Engagement

Green Alliance has a uniquely close working relationship with the leaders and thinkers from the non-governmental organisation (NGO) community. We facilitate dialogue between the major environment and development NGOs and government. We aim to ensure that the views of the people these organisations represent are clearly heard, and that the environment is a central consideration in political decisions.


Green Standard 2013

In the run up to the 2013 party conferences we worked with six of the UK’s leading environmental NGOs to put together a review of UK political leadership on the environment since the 2010 general election. The review charts the highs and lows of the performance of senior politicians over the past three years, and identifies the party-specific challenges that will have to be overcome if they are to provide effective leadership in the future.


The future of UK infrastructure

A new analysis of the UK's low carbon infrastructure has found that the UK is ready to benefit from major new low carbon while major change to the nature of infrastructure is occurring through a multitude of small scale projects and activities.

News release 10 July 2013


Four tests for environmentally resilient development

As the High-level Panel on UN development goals agree the framework that will replace the Millennium Development Goals after 2015, we have proposed four environmental resilience tests to ensure that all countries are set on a development path that guarantees a sustainable future for all.

This paper was produced under our NGO political project, written with Christian Aid, Greenpeace, RSPB and WWF.


UK success story

Despite recession, our infographic Green economy: a UK success story shows that the UK's green economic sector is still growing strong. Worth £122 billion in 2011 (9.3% of GDP) it provides nearly a million jobs.

This was produced under our NGO political project, supported by Greenpeace, WWF, RSPB and Christian Aid

Read more in Matthew Spencer’s blog post: Green growth – good for the environment and the economy


Certainty for the Green Investment Bank

Together with other leading environmental groups, we have sent a letter to the Prime Minister David Cameron, calling on him to ensure that the Green Investment Bank, a flagship green policy for the coalition, is a success. It warns that there is no certainty the GIB will ever be a real bank, seriously undermining its potential to accelerate green investment.

Letter 31 July 2012
'Treasury urged to reassess Green Bank', Financial Times, 7 August 2012
'NGOs warn Green Investment Bank fails to qualify as a bank', Business Green, 8 August 2012


Green growth at a glance: how do Germany and the UK compare?

The transition to a low carbon and resource efficient future offers opportunities to deliver a more balanced economy, grow exports and exploit comparative advantages. This infographic, produced under our NGO political project, with Christian Aid, Greenpeace, RSPB and WWF, gives a snapshot of how the UK sizes up against one of its main competitors on the green economy.


NGO partners

We work with a number of the UK’s leading environmental, development and conservation NGOs, finding areas of common ground and agreeing advocacy priorities. We facilitate dialogue with government to ensure that the NGO views are clearly heard and the environment is a central consideration in political decisions. 


Alastair Harper

senior policy advisor


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