Resource Stewardship
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Resource Stewardship


Resource Stewardship

Resource stewardship is critical to our ability to adapt to change. A more circular system, in which resources are kept productive in the economy for longer, and the sustainable sourcing of resources are the key elements of good resource stewardship. We aim to extend public policy and business practice to ensure a greater emphasis on stewardship and greater circularity in the use of resources.


Circular Economy Task Force

The Circular Economy Task Force is a government-endorsed, business-led group which Green Alliance convenes. It will provide a forum for policy innovation, and disseminate the best responses to environmentally sustainable resource security developed by leading businesses.


Designing Out Waste

An overview of the Designing Out Waste theme (2010-2012), which seeked to provide insight into, and influence, the resources, product policy, and sustainable consumption and production agendas. 

Designing Out Waste consortium
Designing Out Waste - publications and events


Cool products: fulfilling the potential of the Ecodesign Directive

Green Alliance is the UK lead member of the Coolproducts campaign, which works to ensure that the EU's Ecodesign Directive sets ambitious minimum requirements for energy efficiency and other environmental impacts of products sold in the EU.

More information on our work on the Ecodesign Directive  


Resource security

Our latest report Reinventing the wheel: a circular economy for resource security puts the spotlight on metals, phosphorus and water as examples of how our current linear economy is failing to protect and secure resources for the future.

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Landfill bans

Our infographic, Why we need landfill bans, identifies that £2.5bn of resources could be recovered each year by extending landfill restrictions similar to those applied to cars and waste electronics to food, textiles, wood, and plastics.


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