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Sustainable Economy


Sustainable Economy

The plan for economic recovery must ensure future economic resilience. We are looking at how the big levers of private finance, public spending, taxation and regulation can be used to accelerate the development of a sustainable economic model.

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The great resource price shock

Our analysis shows that food and energy prices have risen faster than other prices since 2003. If they'd kept pace with other prices, the average household could have saved over £1,000 on its food and household energy bills in 2012. The only reliable way to protect the UK economy against future resource price shocks is by better management of resources.

See our infographic and the presentation on YouTube by our chief economist. 

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Infrastructure investment and the UK's economic renewal

This analysis shows the significant positive impact that low carbon infrastructure investment could continue to have on the UK economy and finds that there is an unusually strong short run economic opportunity for the UK to be gained from developing low carbon infrastructure.

Follow up discussion and analysis slide pack


The future of UK infrastructure

The UK is ready to benefit from major new low carbon infrastructure while major change to the nature of infrastructure is occurring through a multitude of small scale projects and activities.

See our infographic 


A UK success story

Despite recession, our infographic Green economy: a UK success story shows that the UK's green economic sector is still growing strong. Worth £122 billion in 2011 (9.3% of GDP) it provides nearly a million jobs. And, in Green growth at a a glance, we provide a picture of how the UK's green economy compares with Germany.

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Sustainable savings

Government subsidies, for instance for ISAs and pensions, amount to around £40 billion a year, yet there are no conditions attached to this support to ensure the investment is responsible and sustainable. This is a major opportunity to use these powerful levers to build a stronger more sustainable economy.

Read our report: Saving for a sustainable future 


Green taxes

We need to change the way we tax, to reduce taxes on things that are valued by society, like jobs, profits and incomes, and increase them on things society does not like, such as pollution and fossil fuel use.

Would a fuel duty stabiliser really be fair? 
Making aviation pay its way


A better route

We research and report on what is necessary for a sustainable economic transition. We regularly invite leading thinkers and senior politicians to debate at our events and write for our journal Inside Track on issues around the development of a greener economy. Find out more at the links below: