Online event: Making it count

2021 a year for UK leadership for climate nature
Online event: Making it count
Green Alliance will host a day of virtual panels and interviews to kick off a crucial year of UK leadership on action to address the climate and nature crises.

Along with a number of high profile speakers, COP President the Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP will be delivering a keynote speech as part of the event.

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Getting the building blocks right

Infrastructure priorities for a green recovery
Getting the building blocks right
Infrastructure governs everything we do, including how green we can be.
We advocate a new approach to national infrastructure strategy to drive a green industrial revolution, support the UK’s economic recovery from Covid-19 and create over a million jobs across the country in green sectors.
Press release: 'Government infrastructure policy isn’t fit for net zero, says report'

Read our report: Getting the building blocks right

Design for a circular economy

Reducing the impacts of the products we use
Design for a circular economy
Ecodesign standards and energy labelling have been a huge success story, improving the efficiency of everyday products, reducing their environmental impact and cutting energy bills for consumers.
Despite these successes, there are other environmental impacts of products that ecodesign does not address but could, particularly resource use.

Press release: 'Tackle e-waste mountain, to protect the planet and save money, says report'

Read the report

Fixing our relationship with stuff

The role of better design and the right to repair
Fixing our relationship with stuff

While electronics play an increasingly important role in our lives, short lived products have led to a mounting e-waste problem in the UK.

Head of resource policy, Libby Peake joins the co-founders of the Restart Project, Janet Gunter and Ugo Vallauri to discuss how we can fix our relationship with stuff.

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Our recent achievements and future plans

Annual review 2019-20
Our recent achievements and future plans

"Green Alliance’s way of achieving change: a combination of original thinking, firmly rooted in evidence and powerful coalition building." Shaun Spiers, executive director, Green Alliance

From running the largest ever mass parliamentary lobby on climate change and influencing the post-Brexit environmental settlement, to proposing system fixes to solve plastic pollution, 2019-20 was a busy year for Green Alliance.

Find out more about our recent work in our Annual review 2019-20

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