Gene editing: what’s at stake for people and the planet?

Online event
Gene editing: what’s at stake for people and the planet?
The government has launched a consultation which could lead to regulations around gene editing of crops and animals in England being relaxed.

Do these technologies have the potential to improve the environment and animal welfare, or is there a risk it could lead to unsustainable farming and poor outcomes for animals?

Our panel of experts will offer a variety of perspectives on this debate and discuss arguments around gene editing and what its implications might be.

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Date: Wednesday, 20 January 2021
Time: 10.00 - 11.00am (GMT)

How to fast track innovation for a green industrial revolution

How to fast track innovation for a green industrial revolution
The Green Innovation Policy Commission has concluded its investigation into what is needed to speed up environmental solutions across the UK and put the country’s businesses at the forefront of the global transition to a more resilient economy.

We worked with the commission on its investigation and have published our own summary of its recommendations to government.

Press release: ‘Leading experts urge PM to replicate Covid vaccine innovation push in search for climate solutions

Read our summary and the commission’s full report

Interview with Sir Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat leader

Podcast episode
Interview with Sir Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat leader

In this episode of our 'insights' podcast series, executive director Shaun Spiers interviews the Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey. 

They discuss Ed's time as secretary of state for energy and climate change during the coalition years, his hopes for COP26 and Lib Dem ambitions for the environment. 

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The local climate challenge

A new partnership approach
The local climate challenge
Three quarters of English local authorities have now declared a climate emergency but they are being held back from following through on their ambitions by a lack of funding and support.

Based on interviews with local authorities across the country, our latest report highlights the need for a new partnership between central and local government to accelerate action to tackle climate change.

Read our report: The local climate challenge: a new partnership approach

Press release: 'Despite climate emergency declarations, cash strapped councils are finding it difficult to go green, says report'

Our recent achievements and future plans

Annual review 2019-20
Our recent achievements and future plans

"Green Alliance’s way of achieving change: a combination of original thinking, firmly rooted in evidence and powerful coalition building." Shaun Spiers, executive director, Green Alliance

From running the largest ever mass parliamentary lobby on climate change and influencing the post-Brexit environmental settlement, to proposing system fixes to solve plastic pollution, 2019-20 was a busy year for Green Alliance.

Find out more about our recent work in our Annual review 2019-20

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