Economics seminars

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Economics seminars
in 2014 and 2015 Green Alliance hosted a series of five exclusive seminars with senior economists, for think tanks, NGOs and businesses, interrogating the economic orthodoxies underpinning green policy and the arguments that surround them.

Audio is available for these events which provided expert insights on the following questions: 

1. 'Is ‘green growth’ just an oxymoron?' with Dimitri Zenghelis, LSE
2. 'Should the state do anything to stimulate green innovation and industrial development?' with Professor Mariana Mazzucato
3. 'Natural Capital: If we look after the stocks will the flows look after themselves?' with Professor Dieter Helm
4. 'What have we learned from the financial crisis?' with Professor Lucrezia Reichlin
5. 'Were the critics of austerity wrong?' with Jonathan Portes

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