Does Generation Y trust business on sustainability?
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Does Generation Y trust business on sustainability?

Generation Y, those born between 1980-2000, are highly motivated by social and environment causes. Many seem to believe strongly in the potential of business to help solve great global challenges such as climate change. Yet this is matched with strong scepticism towards business, with many questioning whether companies can be trusted to act for the common good. But, although some hold companies to account, there are signs that the majority of this generation are not prepared to seriously challenge the status quo.

This interactive event, part of the Cataylst Debates 2014, explored what Generation Y is looking for from business on sustainability, whether they believe in their own individual power to influence issues such as climate change, and how business should respond to this looming generational shift.

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All three Catalyst Debates 2014 feature on our microsite 'Business strategy for a better world', which includes expert essays exploring how businesses can go further on sustainability.
9 September, 2014
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    Catalyst Debates 2014: Does Generation Y trust business on sustainability?