Green liberalism

Stimulate green thinking within the philosophical tradition of British liberalism
Green liberalism
The Green Liberalism project was part of Green Alliance’s Green Roots programme. It aimed to stimulate green thinking within the philosophical tradition of British liberalism. 
The Green Liberalism advisory group included independent experts and individuals involved with the Liberal Democrat party:
Baroness Parminter – patron 
Duncan Hames, MP for Chippenham and PPS to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg  – co-chair 
Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge 
Duncan Brack, consultant and former special adviser to Chris Huhne as secretary of state for energy and climate change 
Neil Stockley, former Liberal Democrats policy director 
Cllr Keith House, leader of Eastleigh Borough Council 
Lord Teverson, co-chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on DECC
Mike Tuffrey, co-founder of Corporate Citizenship and former member of the London Assembly
"I am delighted to be patron of Green Alliance’s Green Liberalism project. This project should play a key role in illustrating how a quality environment lies at the core of liberal values and explore how we can use liberal thinking to grow a greener economy, protect the public from environmental degradation and nurture liberal thinking on how best to champion the climate action we need.
Baroness Parminter
A short discussion paper summarises the historical and philosophical relevance of the environment to British liberalism.

Green liberalism: Reforming the Treasury for long term policy
Short termism is behind many of the UK’s economic failings and also hurts environmental policy. The Treasury, controlling the national purse strings and economic policy, is key to the solution.

This pamphlet, produced under our Green Roots programme, was written in consultation with a range of senior Liberal Democrats and liberal thinkers. It looks at three possible routes to Treasury reform, to develop greater long termism in UK government policy.

Green liberalism, Reforming the Treasury for long term policy (October 2014)

“Treasury orthodoxy has long been a barrier to holistic policy making, regardless of which parties are in government. It’s time that narrow approach is challenged, to allow a wider assessment of long term costs or benefits and help build a more sustainable future.”
Duncan Hames MP

“It has been said that the Treasury knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. While neither of these is quite true, it does focus too much on the next few years, to the neglect of the next decades; it is time to change that.”
Dr Julian Huppert MP

“The Treasury has a crucial role to play in the UK’s transition to a sustainable, low carbon and resource efficient economy, but at present its role is almost entirely negative. This welcome pamphlet sets out the options for reforming the Treasury which should be debated as a matter of urgency.”
Duncan Brack, vice chair of the Liberal Democrat’s Federal Policy Committee 
Green liberalism: a local approach to the low carbon economy
The project's first publication brought together pieces from party insiders and external experts to address how to advance the means to achieve local progress on climate change and what a liberal approach to local low carbon development would look like. It features contributions from the Deputy Prime Minister, MPs Julian Huppert and Duncan Hames, Lord Shipley, businesses and others working in this field. 
Green liberalism: a local approach to the low carbon economy (September 2013)

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