The Last Parliament - priorities for urgent action on climate change

The Last Parliament - priorities for urgent action on climate change

The UK’s Parliament, elected in 2010, has a historic responsibility. It is the last Parliament that can take action to avoid runaway climate change. The science tells us that global emissions need to peak during the current decade and decline steeply thereafter.  Representatives of all parties in the next Parliament will need to lead the UK toward this low carbon future. 
There are huge benefits for countries who can take the lead in low carbon technologies and approaches, from energy security to more resilient communities.
The new Parliament in 2010 is the last window of opportunity to seize these opportunities and act to prevent serious, irreversible climate change. In other words, it is the Last Parliament.
Over the past three months, a distinguished cross-sectoral panel of experts, convened by Green Alliance and chaired by Jonathon Porritt, has been drawing up an agenda for action on climate change in the new Parliament. The resulting report, The Last Parliament: priorities for urgent action on climate change, offers the new Parliament a clear set of priorities, and shows where progress is needed.
A short film of the Panel’s deliberations, presented by Sir Trevor McDonald, accompanies the report and is available here.
Last Parlament panel
Publication Date:
22 March, 2010
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