Conservatism in a changing climate

Conservatism in a changing climate

The environmental movement has been catapulted into the heart of UK politics over the last four years. David Cameron and his ’Vote Blue, Go Green‘ mantra has helped to make environmentalism politically mainstream. The additional attention given to environmental problems within the centre-right is encouraging, but there is much still to do to explore the ideological rationale for action on the environment. 
With this publication, Conservatism in a changing climate: security, prosperity and a low carbon future, we aim to contribute to that debate, showing that the environment is not simply another issue to be addressed, but a context which brings additional saliency and urgency to traditional centre-right concerns such as security, technology, prosperity and efficiency. This follows our 2007 publication A greener shade of blue and is the next step in our exploration of whether the centre right could be the source of successful solutions to the issues posed by climate change, resource scarcity and energy security.
edited by Thomas Lingard , Ben Caldecott
Publication Date:
2 February, 2010
Political Leadership

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