Greener and wiser

Greener and wiser

The environment is often seen as an issue for younger people, with the views and concerns of older people, as well as their ability to contribute, in danger of being ignored. This is why Green Alliance, Natural England and Age Concern and Help the Aged joined together to create the Greener and Wiser taskforce.
The taskforce, made up of ten older people from around the UK, have come together to produce this manifesto. They have debated a variety of green issues with experts and with each other and developed a set of clear and positive recommendations for change. Their recommendations will give older people a greater say on environmental issues, make greener choices easier and capitalise on their potential to help build more sustainable communities. Their manifesto sets out what they expect of government, of businesses and of each other. 
“Our environment is a legacy for coming generations and older people care about what we are leaving. We have an important role in our communities and we want a say in decisions that affect us and better information and support to help us take green action” – The Greener and Wise Taskforce.
The Greener and Wiser Taskforce
Publication Date:
11 March, 2009

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