Is there more to life than trading?

Is there more to life than trading?

Through this collection of essays from seven experts, Green Alliance aims to stimulate debate on the overall shape of future energy and transport policy. There is currently too much focus on a myriad of often relatively ineffective individual policy instruments. But it is the development of an effective overarching policy framework to tackle climate change that is the most pressing of tasks for today’s political leaders and those who advise them.
These essays come from a variety of perspectives but some important common themes emerge. Carbon pricing, through emissions trading, is the current policy of choice for politicians. But, while carbon pricing is important, we also need stronger political support for innovation and behaviour change. Regulation and public expenditure are consistently underplayed but they are important means to deliver these goals.
What is demonstrated clearly here is that there is ‘more to life than trading’.
The contributors are as follows:
  • A framework for transport - Dr Terry Barker and Athanasios Dagoumas, Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Rese
  • Trading works- Kate Hampton and Coralie Laurencin, Climate Change Capital
  • Squeezing carbon out of the market: the role of carbon taxes - Paul Ekins, professor of energy and environment policy, King's College, London
  • Winning the climate war: the role of regulation - Tom Burke, professor emeritus, Imperial College, London
  • A framework for industry and a part for everyone - Richard Lambert, director general, Confederation of British Industry
  • Looking back to Stern: policy instruments for climate change - Paul Johnson, research fellow, Institute for Fiscal Studies and senior associate, Frontier Economics
  • A framework for electricity - Dr Tooraj Jamasb, Electricity Policy Research Group, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge
edited by Rebekah Phillips
Publication Date:
9 July, 2008

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