A new vision for energy

A new vision for energy

The government's conclusions to the 2006 Energy Review, The Energy Challenge, presented a vision of a centralised energy system with decentralised elements tacked on. But Green Alliance would like to see more ambition in this area; trying to shoehorn elements of the decentralised approach into the incumbent centralised network-will not work. The changes needed are broad and far reaching.

This Green Alliance report, which summarises our energy work in 2005/06,  showcases an alternative vision of our energy future, and the policies needed to get there. One that dismisses nuclear as a relic of the past and proposes a system where power is generated as close as possible to where it is used and is accessible to a wide variety of players – individuals selling home-generated power; community-owned renewables companies; energy service providers and large commercial operators.
We have made recommendations which cover the energy market, distribution network, community and Local Authority involvement, and incentivising individuals towards low carbon living, as part of a strategic overhaul of the UK’s energy system. We examine the use of microgeneration and the potential to move towards a more decentralised energy system with customers as producers as well as users of energy; the role of carbon capture and storage and nuclear power in the market; housing and fiscal incentives to encourage consumer behaviour change; and the additional policies needed in energy efficiency and renewables (both electricity and heat based).
Rebekah Phillips, Rebecca Willis, Tracy Carty, Russell Marsh
Publication Date:
3 July, 2006
0 9549757 9 0

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