Housing a low carbon society - an ODPM leadership agenda on climate change

Housing a low carbon society - an ODPM leadership agenda on climate change

This report argues that it is crucial to our prospects of tackling climate change that the new Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), formerly the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), steps into a leadership role. With responsibilities for housing, planning and local government DCLG is in a unique position to deal with climate change on the ground in the UK. The way our homes and communities are designed and built has tended until now to lock us into carbon-intensive lifestyles. In the twenty-first century quality design must be about making low carbon living the easier choice.
For too long, concerns about climate change have been regarded as separate from – and even at odds with – the government’s ambition to improve the affordability and comfort of housing. This is changing. The pamphlet identifies how the central goals needed for a DCLG leadership agenda on climate change - namely, affordable low carbon innovation, warm homes, local leadership and climate-proof communities - are not only consistent with, but vital to, the department’s aspirations to give everyone access to decent, affordable homes, and to promote liveability and sustainable communities.
The pamphlet sets out recommendations in the areas of building standards, planning and local government, for the policies needed to mitigate the impact of our homes on climate change and to help communities adapt to its effects. These recommendations are based on the insights of a wide range of organisations consulted in the development of this pamphlet.
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Joanna Collins
Publication Date:
1 May, 2006
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