Grid 2.0 - the next generation

Grid 2.0 - the next generation

In Grid 2.0: The next generation, Rebecca Willis argues that we will only succeed in tackling climate change and increasing energy security if we take a step back and think about the purpose of our energy system, and the role of individuals within it.
A new, and very different, energy future is put forward: one that envisages a much more active role for individuals and communities. One in which the energy system is no longer remote and centralised, but embedded in our lives and homes. Where energy entrepreneurs are part of every community, and everyone is involved in saving or generating power.
This radical energy future is possible. Shifts in information technology, in consumer power and in the relationship between politicians and citizens all point the way forward. Countless studies have shown the environmental and social benefits of just such an approach. Yet we will not get to Grid 2.0 without looking again at the way we manage energy markets and energy systems. As this pamphlet argues, government must set a framework for energy, which rewards the innovators, and puts people first.
Rebecca Willis
Publication Date:
3 April, 2006
0 9549757 7 4

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