Greener UK: Brexit risk tracker

Monitoring the security of environmental protections
Greener UK: Brexit risk tracker
The Brexit risk tracker is providing detailed quarterly updates on the status of eight policy areas throughout the Brexit process.

Most of the UK’s environmental protections stem from EU law and so could be changed as a result of Brexit. Greener UK has created this Risk Tracker to show which policy areas are more secure, and which are most at risk. See the latest update.

We hope the UK government will go further than simply safeguarding protections, to take advantage of the great opportunity of restoring nature and our natural resources within a generation, as set out in the Greener UK vision.

EU baseline  
We have outlined the environmental protections that the UK has had as a member of the EU as a starting point for measurement: see our EU baseline information.
Note that this tracker only covers policy in the UK (where it is not devolved) and England (where policy is governed from Westminster). It excludes areas of policy that are devolved to other UK countries.

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