The new commandments of climate change strategy

The new commandments of climate change strategy

Green Alliance director Stephen Hale’s new pamphlet, The new commandments of climate change strategy: how to cut emissions and win elections too, brings together the key lessons from Stephen’s experiences working on climate change policy and politics over the past four years at Green Alliance, and in his previous roles. 
The new commandments of climate change strategy opens with an analysis of the lessons from the disappointing outcome of the Copenhagen summit, and of the past 20 years of climate change policy in developed countries. It outlines how in Stephen’s view the UK and other governments should move forward at both global and national levels, by shaping their future climate change strategy around 12 ‘commandments’. These cover the international dimension, the crucial task of building public support for action, the design of effective policy frameworks, and finally effective implementation.
The task of developing and delivering national strategies that secure emissions reductions and increase public support for action is a significant challenge for the current generation of politicians. Stephen argues that until now there has been too little thought given to this critical issue, but the commandments outlined in this pamphlet show how it is possible for governments to succeed in this critical task. 
Stephen Hale
Publication Date:
27 April, 2010
Political Leadership

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